Day 231. Mural.

This mural has been around since 1984 (I actually thought it was older than that). The authors are: Woody Allen, Edgar Allen Poe, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka and Anaïs Nin. It seems so reminiscent of Ann Arbor’s kind of grungy, over-intellectual past, I’m both glad and a little surprised it’s still there.

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1 Response to Day 231. Mural.

  1. nancy says:

    Like the Dennison Mural- “It condenses a concatenation of thoughts about light and motion by responding to changing ambient light, the movement of viewers past the reflective windows, and the chance juxtapositions of overlapping planes of vision that seeing them demands. Floating between the reflected world and the view beyond, its flat planes of brilliant color aspire to evoke the intellectual vitality and breathtaking wonder of our search for knowledge about the cosmos.”

    – Jim Cogswell

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