Day 272. Nap.

It just isn’t going to happen today. I feel really crummy, so rather than making a half-hearted (at best) attempt, I’m putting up another picture from yesterday’s mini photo walk (during which I also took an entire 12 exposure roll on the Holga). I debated yesterday between the one I chose and this one. While I think yesterday’s is generally a better photo, this one is so out of my comfort range that I’m pretty proud of it. There’s something about taking pictures in public, and especially of strangers, that feels like a performance and makes me really uncomfortable. I was across the intersection from this man, so I wasn’t in his space, plus he is pretty anonymous.

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1 Response to Day 272. Nap.

  1. madscientist says:

    I feel the same way about strangers. I just can’t photograph people on the street. I don’t know why. I would like to, but can’t.

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