Day 361. Contax.

In case you are wondering, yes, I am doing a film camera series. Anyway. This was Len’s father’s camera: a Zeiss-Contax rangefinder. It’s weirdly complex: it has an in-camera light meter (which is off by quite a lot) which operates separately from the aperture and shutter. You point the camera at the scene, play around with setting on one dial until the (not functioning) light meter balances out, then you set the f-stop and shutter speed on the lens. I don’t know how old this one is either, possibly pre-WWII, Len remembers it always being around and his dad used an external light meter, but I imagine an internal light meter was quite a step forward in convenience, even if it didn’t work with the aperture and shutter. I haven’t used this one yet.

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