There is a cemetery a few miles down the road from us with a mix of very new and very old graves. On the on hand, many old stones are broken, leaning against each other, or fallen on the ground, but on the other hand, someone goes around and puts flags on the graves of veterans, no matter how old they are. Some of the old sites are still maintained with plantings and decorations, probably because Grass Lake is a community with some old families.

These were all taken with the Mamiya, with Kodak TMax 400 and 100 ISO. I didn’t write down the settings, but generally pretty long shutter times. All developed in Adonal (Rondinal) at a 50:1 dilution, the 400 ISO for 10 minutes and the 100 ISO for 12 minutes. I had to do a bunch of research to find a development time for the 100 ISO, since the time I had didn’t seem right (3.75 minutes seems a bit short). Now that I have the basics of developing down, I’m starting to think a bit more about the chemistry. It turns out, photography has a bunch of science behind it as well as art. Who knew (besides, you know, everyone)?

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  1. Sharon says:

    I like that sequence, particularly the last one. I like the effect against the sky. I shot a lot of 100 outdoors. There’s a breeze in the cobwebs in my brain. Once I had kids, I got lazy and just used 200 since I was shooting indoors more often. Lucky you to have a darkroom!

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