Ann Arbor.

I put these up at Flickr last week, but totally forgot to put a selection here. Duh.

These were all taken with the Nikon F3 (35mm) with Fomapan 100 iso film and developed in Rodinal (1+50) for 8.5 minutes. Uh. Not much to say here. Fomapan film is Czech, which I find amusing, and it was a royal pain to get wound onto the reels (it’s kind of thin), but the 35mm didn’t crinkle as badly as the 120 that was similarly thin.

I have some film to pick up at the lab. Color film. That will be different.

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4 Responses to Ann Arbor.

  1. Sharon says:

    I always like them all but the tracks are my favorite!

  2. Laura says:

    These really make Ann Arbor look sort of deserted. I like.

  3. madscientist says:

    It looks like you took a photo tour of Ann Arbor, and you didn’t invite me! These pictures are great!

  4. Grace Tarala Johnston says:

    Miss Ann Arbor. Great photos! These remind me of your dad!

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