My Dad’s Morgan Got “Work” Done

The Huron Valley Corvette Club had a car show in Saline last month. My Dad took his baby to show off her new paint job along with other cosmetic surgery procedures, including the instrument board he made himself, the glove compartment with real flocking (no, I don’t know what means either but he was very excited about it so it is a Very Cool Thing).

Three Morgans

Dad and his Morgan cronies

It used to be red. These are handmade cars and there are no “official” factory colors, but he saw this combination at the factory when they visited last year.

Pretty, don’t you think? My dad made this.

Not sure why I felt the need to take a picture of the engine, but it might mean something to someone? To me it says, “Make car go.”

Lucas has a terrible reputation for reliability, thus “Prince of Darkness”.

This very lovely green Morgan smacked my dad’s car at the end of the show and caused some damage. I think she was jealous.

I’ll have some other cars tomorrow.

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2 Responses to My Dad’s Morgan Got “Work” Done

  1. Helen says:

    How gorgeous. My stepfather had a Morgan: it was Coffee and Cream – milky coffee for the body and espresso for the mudguards, so cute. Super photos too.

  2. Rick, the father says:

    It is the Green Dragon (jealousy.) She kissed Molly Blue Morgan on our way out of the parking lot in Hell (Hell Michigan.) Debby felt awful.
    Flocking, You cover the inside with contact cement, then pump in the flaky powder stuff and shake it around in the box. Let it dry and shake the excess out. Bruce says it is cool, so it must be. It is good for a flocking lot of jokes.
    I really like the closeups. I am going to get several printed.
    Coffee & Cream is a nice combination

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