At it again

I have goaded my brother into another round of posting everyday. Neither of us have been taking, much less posting photos, and I can’t speak for him, but for my part it is nothing but laziness. My proposal to him is that rather than taking a picture a day (which can lead to some really dumb pictures), focus instead on having sessions from which we can draw photos every day. After all, I use film, which doesn’t lend itself to taking a photo and posting it the next day, and he is super busy. In any case the point is to be inspired and to take pictures.

So. To that end I am going to post a number of photos I took a few months ago, but never scanned. These are from a tour of Detroit I went on which was conducted by Ren Farley, one of the researchers where I work and an expert on all things Detroit. This is the Heidleberg Project.

I will have more from this tomorrow.

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1 Response to At it again

  1. Blogless Laura says:

    Welcome back! I’m glad to see this happening again.

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