Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day. I hate how, when single, we are made to feel less than the coupled. I hate that when couple, it sets up some crazy test, that without chocolate, roses, and/or diamonds, you are not loved enough. To which I say “Pffft!”

On the other hand. This is one of my favorite quotes about love, it’s from a piece I heard many years ago on NPR, it was a conversation between Matthew Broderick and the playwright, Wendy Wasserstein. They were talking about broken hearts and Wasserstein said this at the end: “I do find the thought that two people can fall in love really humane. I remember, when I was writing The Sisters Rosensweig, that was my thought that here was this woman who was all closed up, and someone comes into her life and that she- It just seemed terrible human-” I love that thought, that love is humane.




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1 Response to Valentine’s Day

  1. Sharon says:

    Those hearts have such a non romantic memory for me. I always think of my college roommate when I see them. Our desks were facing back to back in our dorm and we’d periodically pass one back and forth. Then we’d giggle.

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